Kanban Management

IKS allows the complete global management of a Kanban system online in the CLOUD.

The IKS Kanban management portal has been built based on the requirements of experienced Kanban users worldwide. Our Kanban system is a 100% online environment to support the Kanban administrators and end-users in their daily busines by intuitive and robust platform.

We have made a professional e-kanban solution offering the following advantages:

  • One global Kanban standard solution
  • Centralised IT support
  • High security standards and data protection
  • Multilingual
  • Support of internal and external Kanban processes
  • Management of all Kanban master data (e.g. items, suppliers/customers, stock-locations, Kanban box types etc.)
  • Creation and design of your Kanban loops
  • Customer specific Kanban card layouts in your company style
  • Support of classic permanent Kanban cards and use-and-throw-away Kanban cards
  • Kanban signals via Internet, email or data interface
  • Formulas for calculating the number of kanbans
  • Flexible definition of the Kanban levels (green, yellow, red)
  • Monitoring of all Kanbans at the shop-floor and inside your supply chain
  • and many more

Functions that support you in quality assurance and traceability of the products:

  • Visual monitoring of all Kanbans and processes at the shop-floor and inside of your global supply-chain
  • Full evidence of revisions and Kanban loop changes, including recording of modified details, as well as user signatures
  • Kanban transaction history including user name and time stamp
  • Modules for direct data integration to the external systems, PLC or RFID and support of  paperless processes
  • Visualization of your current internal and external inventory situation

Additionally, our Integrated Kanban System IKS offers:

  • Creation of specific user groups (like external suppliers/customers, Kanban administrator, buyer, Kanban Board user, Scanning user etc.)
  • Flexible configuration of each user to make the processes 100% stable and to avoid human errors
  • Very flexible and easy configuration of system settings to provide user specific functions

We also realize customer specific requirements for fair costs!